90mm UC Wheel freestyle slalom test — Powerslide


90mm UC Wheel freestyle slalom test — Powerslide — 406178 — Powerslide team skater Lorenzo Guslandi & his sister test the new 90mm UC Wheels in a steezy freestyle slalom skating video.
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Undercover (UC Undercover) is the leading urban, freestyle and aggressive aftermarket wheel brand. Whether you are grinding, sliding, jumping or just cruising, UC Undercover has you covered. Made from the finest American PU to create fast rolling, but incredibly abrasion resistant wheels. The PU is bonded to a strong hub to give you a solid and stable platform. The UC Undercover team wheel is 90mm, bullet profile and 86A.

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7 Комментарии
  1. Немаловероятно говорит

    Если кому то нужны новые Powerslide Swell Atomic Tangerine (43 размер) и Royal Blue (43 ращмеи) пишите мне..

  2. Post Tramatiq говорит

    Damn the wheels,You guys are dope!

  3. Alex Gagnon говорит

    we want 4×84 and 4×90 please 😍

  4. Bala Hormiga говорит

    Isn't that a 4×80 set up his sister is using not a 4×90?

  5. Alessandro Almeida говорит

    Muito bom o vídeo, qual patins é esse do homem?

  6. Aryca Dasan говорит

    Woah! Wht a skill! 😍😍😍😍

  7. Powerslide Inline skates говорит

    slalom on three wheels?! let us know your thoughts. have you tried it yet?

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