Airsoft Battle Royale | Dude Perfect


Last balloon standing wins!
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Comment: Panda woulda won if he played!

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Pound it. Noggin.
— Dude Perfect


38 Комментарии
  1. Dude Perfect говорит

    Stoked y’all like it!
    ► Next Vid: Overtime 6
    ► Click here to play the game!

  2. ShadowGhostHunter Marshmello говорит

    Cody is such a camper

  3. Cody Dawe говорит

    What what were they shooting?

  4. Narayane говорит

    Ty looks like black heard from rainbow six seige

  5. Flub_Gaming говорит

    This is my dream birthday party!
    Like if u agree

  6. Sandra Guntorius говорит


  7. Jack Birdsong говорит

    I wonder if they realize how expensive ALL of those guns are. I play airsoft, and just ONE of those pistols is over 150 dollars. And the scar is completely upgraded, putting it near the $850 mark

  8. Yossef Amr12 говорит

    Please again

  9. Mihajlo Gladanac говорит

    Cody is a camper

  10. abhinav anil говорит

    How to get those guns
    Where can we buy it

  11. Richard Holloway говорит

    Worthy WW3 soldiers

  12. NITRAMPLAYER !?!!# говорит

    Green! Cody

  13. Obese Grinch говорит

    Did Cody really not see that AK that whole time he was sitting there?

  14. Itsyaboi games говорит

    I guess Cory missed the conversation where they talked about wearing camouflage

  15. Abdulqadir Seyidzadə говорит

    Here is bootcamp

  16. Rooper17 говорит

    Cody swore at 5:54

  17. Louis Zhang говорит

    Dude perfect: buys a krytac vector just for a video and never use it again ever.

    Me: wait that’s illegal

  18. daniel stevenson говорит

    do more of these

  19. daniel stevenson говорит

    WTF cody your bad and not for the people

  20. _aayanraja Covers__ говорит

    Do a part 2

  21. Vince Ronald Cutad говорит

    This is interest

  22. drk Grim FTW говорит

    No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Not a single soul:

    COD loading screens:3:45

  23. infinit dudes говорит

    It’s like fortnite AWSOME

  24. Tripp and Ryan говорит

    Hi coby I am your biggest fan

  25. Slick Nick говорит

    Who else plays Fortnite and sees a scar!

  26. Devin 1911 говорит

    Do not die coby🤣🤣🤣😂

  27. Devin 1911 говорит

    I love this

  28. Devin 1911 говорит


  29. Omar’s World говорит

    I have

  30. EmotionalNugget говорит

    You copied mr.beast

  31. Brayden Saly говорит

    I have a petition to make so that panda is included in all challenges

  32. Huy Nguyen говорит

    You should make a video of pubg mobile

  33. Co Dy говорит

    You guys HAVE to do another one

  34. Tyler Bombaro говорит

    Where did you grr err the air soft guns at

  35. Gracie Connor говорит

    why does Cody not have shoose

  36. Mikail Zeki Öğrek говорит

    Cemre’yi seven biri Türkçe altyazı eklemiş tşk

  37. mynameisbryanlee Gaming говорит

    4:38 When your playing PugG and your waiting for friends but they already started a game without you

  38. Joshi Prabhath говорит


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