Best Of — Podium Finishes


The «Best Of» season-recap returns to MotoGP™ as we check out some of the best, and most unlikely, podium finishes of last season across all three classes.

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23 Комментарии
  1. Paul Bissonnette говорит

    music sucks donkey ass lets hear the bikes and commemtary i mean really

  2. cntrl scrutinizer говорит

    Good racing…. the music is way annoying!

  3. Indra Pradana говорит

    Where is sandro cortese now?

  4. Tubagus Satya говорит


  5. Mr. Brightside говорит

    Why can yamaha never beat honda in a straight line?

  6. Aulia Shalma говорит

    Where is Rossi.? My Doctor..

  7. TriekMan говорит

    Now it's just Marquez having too much luck on the corners 😒

  8. เอกลักษ์ ทองเดิม говорит


  9. Syns gates говорит

    3:26 what a leg dovi

  10. luqman Hakim говорит

    2019 motogp cant relate

  11. Abhijit Marathe говорит

    Repeat in slow motion

  12. SRTUV1 говорит

    4:02 That's ehat I call adrenaline!

  13. PRERNA RAWAT говорит

    Bike is best thing

  14. Luc Girard говорит

    Is that just Vinales, Iannone and Dovisioso highlights ?

  15. Elias Bonti говорит

    Where's the Mario Kart wii podium cutscene ???

  16. something not fishy говорит

    2:30 46??!

  17. Astrxcat XIII говорит

    You know how fucking mad I get whenever I lose lmao be fucking screaming my head off at myself

  18. HI I'm a perso говорит

    What were the cc in the motorcycles in the second vid

  19. Muhammad Fahmi говорит

    What happen to the cortesee now?

  20. Alexis Beuve говорит

    Who wins ?

  21. Ultimate MIF говорит

    I know it's a 2013 video
    But in my opinion the best podium finish was Moto Gp Catalunya 2009 and Moto Gp Mugello 2016

  22. CBR_Jay говорит

    Dani Pedrosa vs Jorge Lorenzo in Brno is one of the best final laps I’ve ever seen. I miss watching Dani, and I miss seeing Jorge on the podium too!

  23. tommie 5s5 говорит

    Luis Salom
    Marco Simoncelli
    Nicky Hayden

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