Best Sports Moments 2018


:Amazing sporting moments, segments from motorcycle and auto sports and other sports, accompanied by musical compositions.
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Интересное  Авария В.Новгород 30.07.2018 Почта России спешит доставить...
4 Комментарии
  1. ORFwithCRS говорит

    What's with the overlapping announcers? I'm hearing three or four different clip narrations on every clip. Difficult to discern anything.

  2. Theophan говорит

    Прыгающие машинки 👍🏻😁

  3. Краснодар ТВ говорит

    1:33 The tin !!!

  4. jake weedon говорит

    Was there for the last race and yes it was as cool as it looked

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