Bike repair stands from wood (front and rear)

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  1. Russ Veinot говорит

    About the first stand. To simplify it, why do you need the floor plate at all? It seems to me, if you attach the vertical piece to the wheel (and tighten?) it will stand up anyway. BTY, you had several great tips in this video. For example, cutting shallow slots in the wood to stop sliding.
    I was an avid bike rider most of my life (all road biking) If anyone saw some of the bikes I have ridden way back when, you would laugh. Great video, as usual.

  2. James Kison говорит

    I too have a home-made repair stand for my bikes made from wood. It's just a long-ish 2×4 attached to my workbench that juts out about 2 feet with bubblewrap on the end where i lift my bike and precariously balance it to cycle through the gears to oil them and the chain as well as adjust my shifters. I wouldn't recommend it, mine is a bad design, but it's just good enough that i haven't invested in spending the time to make something better. It's only good for bikes with a top bar, or I have an adapter bar that i use on 'woman's' bikes to attach them to my bicycle carrier, and then i can precariously balance them as well. Yours is a much better design, but it's pretty hard to beat the simplicity of just a single stick LOL and i don't have to flip my bike upside down to adjust the brakes, but if i had a nickel for every time the bike has slipped, i could probably buy a cold soft drink from the convenience store cooler (there's an up charge for getting cold ones).

  3. 3006spikespiegel говорит

    I was looking for such setup for my bike… I was super excited… and then American Pocket started throwing inches into my metric face… NOOOOOOOOO

  4. da54177 говорит

    I love the design of the stand, but I was shocked to hear you say the bike would be done for if either of the combo shifters break! Shimano still makes modern equivalents to the older combo shifters, and the ratio of shifter/derailleur movement has been standard for quite some time, making it one of the easier components to replace. That aside, this was a very fine video! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thomas Babcock говорит

    Love the channel do you have a Instagram

  6. Electra Flarefire говорит

    Modern bike. Alloy handle bar and rims. Plus all the paint is in great shape! Very swish.
    I'll admit I'm a bigger fan of V-Breaks, something I end up with as a side effect of replacing parts anyway. Bike wreckers are really worth going to if you have one.
    My machines look like trash(as they are made from council cleanup/roadside salvage.) but they work well and I always have spare parts. 🙂

  7. LogmanPlays говорит

    Loved that this is modular! Do you have anything else in the shop that you've designed to be modular? Thanks!

  8. Atticus Draco говорит

    That's a nice setup
    Well enuff that I'm gonna copy it
    Thanx for the show

  9. Lance Gates говорит

    No school like the old school. Old time bmxer myself . GT was a rad bike in the day

  10. Nico Smets говорит

    Looks like a normal bike to me :0)

  11. machiningpaper говорит

    I recently heard of someone involved with a professional road cycling team with the fanciest equipment say performance was 10% bike and 90% rider.

  12. Cristobal Sepulveda говорит

    I was wondering where you had gone, never knew you had a second channel.

  13. nexus01gr говорит

    Darn it Mr Pocket! If only you uploaded this a couple months ago, I would've skipped buying bike rollers and have a go at your design.
    That being said, I'm still saving this in my "To Do" play list.
    Always a pleasure!

  14. Houtje Boom - Be Creative говорит

    If you realy want to have a comfortable ride…. Put your saddle higher.
    I see people riding there bike with bent knees like they are affraid to loose controle if they can't fully touch the ground when they stop.

  15. Aubreykun говорит

    You may be able to alter the rear one to cradle the axle or axle nuts of the front wheel. Just need a third piece to keep the handlebar from turning. The commercial one sold by park tool is just a piece of heavy wire, bent, rubberized and with an elastic velcro-secured strap across it. Should be fairly simple to replicate, but it's just a 20$ item so…

    I love my fat bike, and I put street tires on it so it's not just for snow. This video is actually pretty useful for me because finding a stand for it has been… difficult. It's a very, VERY heavy, cheap, but solid and reliable bike. Heavy enough that its stock kickstand was insufficient to keep it upright. This gives me some ideas for modifying a motorcycle wheel stand I got a while ago, so thanks. The bike itself is super comfortable and easy to ride, and it just goes over every pothole and some curbs with no problem, as well as hauling whatever I need. The intertia behind it is also pretty nuts, it doesn't like to slow down unless the hill grade gets bad enough. But it wouldn't be for everyone.

  16. Jake Akers говорит

    This is my favorite channel on youtube. I love listening to you talk about things. I always end up learning something, which satisfies my need for brain food.

  17. Omar Imam говорит

    Nothing makes me more happy than seeing new uploads from you ☺️

  18. Adam Napolitano говорит

    Yo dude, instead of making board games, why not make a more refined version of this to sell in stories?

  19. Gary Hardman говорит

    Just flip the bike and rest it on its seat and handlebars. Like I used to do 50 years ago.

  20. Make Build Modify говорит

    "Stupid ideas of today become the brilliant refinements of tomorrow." I'm putting this quote in my anti-perfectionism arsonal. Thank you.

    Edit: I'm talking about the perfectionism that can lead to neuroses like anxiety or depression. Not the perfectionism in moral and political philosophy…..Although, both have to do with well-being in some respect.

  21. Arnþór Gíslason говорит

    I read sometime that even steel forks are designed such that they flex a bit to increase the comfort of the ride.

  22. bill baggins говорит

    I'm a little bit obsolete, but not sure how I compare to the slide rule that i used as a young teen before the use of calculators were allowed.

  23. Home Ideas говорит

    Great, thx 🙂

  24. Oliver Krystal говорит

    My bike is one of those. I cleaned mine up a few years ago.

  25. DrPortland говорит

    Why did it take me this long to suddenly realize why you use old bike inner tubes so often?

  26. Chris Hartman говорит

    People here in Fairbanks, Alaska (and I assume other snowy climates) regularly use fat bikes for commuting during the winter, too. (And thanks for your videos.)

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