BTB Trick Shots 5


BTB kicks off 2018 with the long-awaited BTB Trick Shots 5!!!
Sit back, enjoy, and be amazed!!


Интересное  москвич тюнинг 1
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  1. Yaakov Goldsmith говорит


  2. Moshe Kohn говорит


  3. Max Karkowsky говорит

    Totally made it

  4. Jessie Simantov говорит

    That was in;But i'v seen without water and it stayed in the whole time dude perfect

  5. Skitgoff говорит

    At least you use youre action replay right.

  6. Shragi Ritholtz говорит

    nice video

  7. Joshua Lampert говорит

    Rebbie Beautiful job making the video and binyamin bless you with all קבנה and ‏ שקח

  8. Azi and Jessica Cutter говорит

    cobi: totally scored that

  9. sammy libkind говорит

    he scored

  10. Sarah Ritholtz говорит


  11. Joseph Werner говорит

    Crazy skillz !! Btw, the shot at 1:25 definitely went in.👍

  12. Marlene Werner говорит

    Binyamin is the perfect example of practice makes perfect and to challenge yourself to do more than seems possible!!!!!!! Keep it up Binyamin. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!!!

  13. Kovi Rothman говорит

    Sick vid

  14. Shlomo Braverman говорит

    Need to buy merch

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