Cable Overhead Triceps Extension Tips by Jim Stoppani


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In this video Dr. Jim Stoppani teaches you tips to make this triceps exercise even more effective. Follow all the workouts and exercise programs of Jim Stoppani here on Youtube or at Fitness celebrity Dr. Jim Stoppani gives you all the tips you need to have a lean, muscular body in 3 simple steps in his new fitness program 1-2-3 Lean. Stoppani’s methods are proven to work, just ask LL Cool J, Dr. Dre, Chris Pine and Mario Lopez! Jim is also the co-author of the new NY Times Best Selling Fitness and Nutrition book, LL Cool J’s «Platinum 360 Diet and Lifestyle» and the senior site editor for Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, and Muscle & Fitness: Her magazines.


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31 Комментарии
  1. hassans sharieff говорит

    First make 20 inch arms and talk

  2. Owen Brennan говорит

    Good advice but why do you talk like you have a mental deficiency

  3. Keith Cozzart говорит

    idk man jeff cavaliere showed me how to do it the first way

  4. Sam Banfield говорит

    If we keep our elbows in, tightly, is it a better lift?

  5. Sham Rock говорит

    Dr. Stoppani, are your palms facing forward when your arms are over your head 4:00?

  6. michelle monaghan говорит

    Thanks i found this very helpful

  7. Kane Huff говорит

    It's funny how dated this video looks in just 6 years.

  8. Jim Tzio говорит

    But this way you put more stress on your shoulders which will cause dmg at the long run

  9. Mali Mo говорит

    you should audition for prison break

  10. quillber говорит

    Dang he hot

  11. Adam Cinemre говорит

    Thanks Jim!

  12. J. Renee говорит

    You're an awesome teacher! Super like your vid's and the way you teach.

  13. Matthew Hunt говорит

    Jim, great advice. how would you approach the overhead extension if one side is considerably weaker after injury?

  14. bpnsirdiealot говорит

    How does this differ from using a hammer curl bar (Triceps curl bar) ? Thank you very much for your time.Oh my background is I have gone from between 450-465 lbs. down to 297 lbs. since last year, I am trying to return to shooting archery and this is one of the exercises I have seen mentioned many times in workouts for archers.

  15. Alexandra Gugulici говорит

    My fav. triceps exercise!! <3 Thank you, Jim!!

  16. TGeorge говорит

    My gym doesn’t have adjustable machine and i usually do it in the high position and then bent over. Is it ok to do that or should i try the low position? Sorry for my English

  17. Penthesilea говорит

    I don't want big arms, I want strong arms that still look feminine. Please advise if there are any tricep exercises I should avoid in your opinion. Thank you.

  18. Franklin Beals говорит

    good video

  19. Ubercubertuber говорит

    You remind me of a jacked Al Bundy.

  20. Robert Bones говорит

    good video. you remind me of scooby

  21. ishyR34 говорит

    Thanks for the tip, will try this next time

  22. Krutarth Joshi говорит

    This guy has alot of information

  23. Ezaf Tsaeb говорит

    Sound out of breath from talking

  24. zellarsDD777 говорит

    Thanks for the info, I had been doing this exercise with the cable at the top position. This is one of my favorite tricep isolation exercises

  25. Neal говорит

    Him your putting me out of a job haha

    Good to see novices have a choice of free instruction ,

    People listen to the man

  26. King Of Clutch говорит


  27. Connor Wehrwein говорит

    Great video. Thanks!

  28. William Falls говорит

    nice vid !

  29. islapusillybitach говорит


  30. aarshaar говорит

    great vid man you rock

  31. Sam P говорит

    Jim looks fucking hardcore

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