Cristiano Ronaldo — Idealism ᴴᴰ | By DALI


So hello Guys, im here again with a chill edit this time.
I really hope you enjoy it 😀
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Thanks For Watching 🙂
Special Thanks: Mastro10
Inspiration: CR7Mak


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  1. ignxc_ говорит


  2. LuisCffs45 говорит

    Nice broo,Name of song?

  3. ESportHD говорит

    Amazing bro)) I am sub, sub back!

  4. Tisma Santos говорит

    Great Work,Man!!! 🙂

  5. HashProd2 говорит

    Just brilliant! 🙂

  6. A L N I C O говорит

    Nicely MaDe 🙂

  7. v3smonic говорит

    sick edit my bro <3

  8. FutSoccer HD говорит

    <3 Amazing edit brah !

  9. NJR10i говорит

    Splendid Edit bro  <333

  10. Ryan MS говорит

    Pretty nice .

  11. MrUltimateFootball говорит

    Nice Video and Awesome Song!

  12. ZADE говорит


  13. trickstar говорит

    wow nice edit!

  14. KrunoKovacevic говорит

    Nice work Dali 🙂

  15. HAZARDx7 говорит

    I quite like it 🙂

  16. Swizzim говорит

    Good Editing 🙂

  17. Mastro10 говорит

    Amazing job, beautiful! 🙂

  18. Ryudo говорит

    good choice of clips and cc but the sync is awful sometimes . keep it up (y)

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