Dani Alves: Top 10 goals at FC Barcelona


The Champions League quarter-finals are upon us with Juventus standing between Barça and a place in the last four of Europe’s premier club competition. The teams last met in the 2015 and in Barça’s starting XI that day was Brazilian Dani Alves.
This time, however, the experienced defender will be wearing the bianconeri of Juventus having joined the Italian giants last summer. In his time at Barça, the right back scored a total of 21 goals in his eight seasons at the blaugranes. Take a look at some of his best right here in our video!
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27 Комментарии
  1. Haidar Ali говорит

    Alves 😍😪

  2. Omar Runer говорит

    Ojalá vuelva al barça por lo menos una temporada

  3. earl enerio говорит

    I miss those old barca players😞😞

  4. Javed Ansari говорит

    Who thinkDani is best player of Rightback.

  5. Lyka Gonzaga говорит

    This is the difference of Dani vs the current right backs we have now… 😐

  6. Lazy Gamer говорит

    This is why brazilians are crazy about football…
    Love frm India❤🔝🔝

  7. Paul Mutuku говорит

    Why Barcelona let Dani Alves leave is still a mystery to me and manu others!!! What a RB!!

  8. Nsr Gzh говорит

    Always admired his play style. The guy doesnt give a crap, Isnt scared of anyone, does all he wants the way he wants. Has the balls big enough to nutmeg ronaldo..

  9. Jaikishan Brijwani говорит

    Dont know why he was treated like this if barca are out of champions league and dont win la liga shittiest president Maria is responsible for his arrogance and way he treated this diamond

    Love u Dani always

  10. Jesse Seales говорит

    Best right back ever.

  11. Essio Fuzulu говорит


  12. Enilson Diego говорит

    este señor fue un jugadorazo en el Barcelona!!


    Dream league soccer

  14. Joseph Tochukwu говорит

    1:19…thank me later

  15. Sadiq Ali говорит

    Best right back in the world Dani alves we miss you so much

  16. Random X говорит

    Bellerin will be good replacement.
    Having said that, Dani alves is irreplaceable.
    We miss you Dani.We still love you.

  17. Le Dew 135 говорит

    Il ressemble trop à Ney avec les cheveux cours

  18. Verde Cronopio говорит

    He shouldn't be kicked out of the club 😤😢 Roberto Fernandez has to go

  19. Loom Geek говорит

    I miss Dani sooo much!!!

  20. Rigoberto Carpintero говорит

    puyol xDDDD

  21. Hasan говорит

    Barca made a huge mistake letting him go.

  22. 3tomnguyen говорит

    This music tho

  23. TryAgain s2 говорит

    Thank you Dani Alves

  24. Ruán McClintock говорит

    barca are losing against juventis 2-0

  25. Diego Garcia Wolffer говорит

    prácticamente fueron los goles que marco

  26. Yura Smbatyan говорит

    +Jess Barcelona Who can't remember that moment

  27. Sergio Alvarez говорит

    como cuando te das cuenta que Dani Alves tira mejor las faltas que cristiano

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