Dirt Bike — Crazy riding in Czech Republic


Check out this video of a Midle East 50’s Crew riding on a Czech Republic spot !
Watch some incredible tricks landed, included 360 !

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  1. Kory говорит

    Můžu se zeptat co to máte za motorky ?

  2. Dom Bardelli говорит

    What type of forks does “honza” use

  3. streaming life говорит

    Anyone who sees this subscribe it is worth it

  4. streaming life говорит

    One of the best 50cc videos that mad me subscribe like and add notifications

  5. bMcLeo Jimmy говорит

    bmx bar ! yooo !

  6. Did You Just Assume My Gender говорит

    Dude is absolutely killin it

  7. Mxrider2stroke Braaap говорит

    Awesome video and pitbikes🤙🤘

  8. Alex Wildner говорит

    insane stuff on this toys!! never mind this is possible

  9. era nebu говорит

    Není to pitbike?

  10. robin pelikán говорит

    Co je to ta pitbike ? A obsah ??

  11. Dom Bardelli говорит

    Where do you get the forks from

  12. 772 Films говорит

    what bikes are they

  13. Domen Jeram говорит

    They do same tricks that DJ mtb riders do on similar jumps.

  14. pablo boudet говорит

    Super video contunye

  15. mik tv king говорит

    hej kamo tu pitbike bych si rad koupil vydelsem ju na bazosu

  16. Матвей говорит

    so hot 💪💪💪

  17. skullcam говорит

    so awesome…..i so wana 50

  18. Craig McDonald говорит


  19. Fast Films говорит

    Are those R8 ramps?

  20. Flynn Robinson говорит

    relly good vid keep watching

  21. John Ward говорит


  22. Flexi говорит

    Damn this is the best mx video i've ever seen!!! Great!

  23. Thies Petersen говорит

    what for bike are that

  24. Brandon Quenneville говорит

    something for the girls eh finni boy!!!! what a fukin duche

  25. Dirtbike Moto говорит

    how did you film

  26. THE BOY OF THE CITY ! говорит

    jste dobrý 👍

  27. James Daly говорит

    Do they ride normal dirtbikes as well?

  28. jye pemberton говорит

    what a the pit bikes

  29. MotoUK говорит

    Songs are.. the building by looptroop rockers, sea is rising by bliss n esso. 🙂

  30. TheKELIMOK говорит

    Where I buy this minibike?????

  31. DopeOnTwoWheels W говорит

    Such a sick video.

  32. Luke Atkins говорит

    what song is that?

  33. Sám Ježiš Kristus говорит

    Manual or Automat?

  34. Felix Zockt Reinecke говорит

    dem hund wurde dem Schwanz ab ge Schnitten nicht cool

  35. MobileAPPS говорит

    best ČR (Česká republika) Yes… jsme mega huský

  36. Vojta Anderle говорит


  37. Busy H говорит

    Sub to my Chanel for pit bike /dirt bike vids coming soon on road and off road in ENGLAND

  38. Busy H говорит

    Don't know why they have bmx bars on ?

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