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Which bike should you take to a mass start gravity race down the side of a mountain, a downhill bike or a trail bike? Can you fit a volume spacer on a Fox twinloc shock? Do internally routed cables fit through water bottle cage holes? Can you use different sized crankarms? Chris joins Neil in the shed this week to answer all of your MTB questions.

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This week we have a few corrections after last week’s Ask GMBN, thanks to you guys in the comments, so if you’ve got some MTB wisdom, please let us know!

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49 Комментарии
  1. Global Mountain Bike Network говорит

    Leave your questions for us using #AskGMBN in the comments below 👇

  2. NG MTB говорит

    just take the drivetrain from the xc bike and put it on the sender and ride it

  3. ajmf 2016 говорит

    The best do it all you can have is a 160 mm front and rear.

  4. LeaLöwin говорит

    #AskGMBN Hi Guys, if you feel overbiked at your hometrails or considering Trailbike vs Enduro, couldn't you put more Volumespacers in your Shock on a big bike to just use less travel ads spice up the ride?
    (get a more poppy/playfull bike while on moderate trails)
    Modern Trailbikes aren't that much lighter after all, nor do they differ much in Geo from Enduros 2-3years back

    the Scott Ransom kind of does so by its twinlock and Danny Macaskill does so on its 5010 for Trials i think.

  5. Dustin Wagner говорит

    That kid having his feet fall off needed to preload so the bike stayed with him otherwise it just falls out from underneath him.

  6. Connor Bell говорит

    #askGMBN I ride a polygon Siskiu d5 and I’m getting a lot better at riding I want a enduro bike but as I have a small price range would it be better building one up from a frame or buying a full bike

  7. Ofbaserion говорит

    Wearing those nikes when riding?
    Biggest reason why his feet came off, and he got stupid shoes anyways, well sticker.
    You pay for the logo.

  8. Luis Flores говорит

    Global Mountain Bike Network am having a debate on which bike to pick
    Am looking at the yt Capra pro race or the mega 275c rs
    And Should I go for the top-of-the-line carbon frame or should I save my money and get the Aluminum and get some extra stuff #AskGMBN
    Thanks and hello from the us

  9. JJ Rapp говорит

    #askGMBN I have a 2015 Giant anthem advanced 27.5 and I'm looking to start enduro racing what bikes do you guys recommend

  10. Daniel Strathdee говорит

    #AskGMBN I'm considering getting the Canyon Torque AL 5.0, but I want to know how capable it is on the uphills as I enjoy a variety of riding mainly at trail centres like Glentress (I'm from Scotland). So I'm wondering if this bike would be suitable for the type of riding I'll find there or whether I should go for a more enduro/trail style bike?

  11. Striker2002 говорит

    I bought a 29 er Scott Genius 750 2015,can i change the wheels from 29 to 27,5?
    What do you think?

  12. Khadir Rzytki говорит

    #AskGMBN is it possible to mount a magura hs11 to a BMX ? If yes Why is nobody doing it ?

  13. Wanted797 говорит

    #AskGMBN what is your opinion on buying new vs 2nd hand bikes?

    After 10 years of riding a hardtail and putting though all styles of riding I'm looking at getting a dual suspension. I'm stuck on the decision between a new 2019 Giant Trance 3 which I can pick up for about $2700AUD and spending less on a second hand bike. A new bike costs more but I know what I'm getting and with warranty. 2nd hand is cheaper but there is always risk on what I'm buying.

  14. SN POLY говорит

    #AskGMBN How to check rear shock bushing? How to know is it worn & when to replace it?

  15. Julian Rossi говорит

    #AskGMBN Hey GMBN, I recently broke my arm in while mountain biking. Do you think its worth buying a wrist brace to help protect in future falls? If so could you recommend any?

  16. Caleb Renner говорит

    Is there a point where you outride your bike? I’ve got a budget hardtail and have been needing to take it often (multiple brake bleeds, crank arm coming off).
    I may upgrade to a mid travel full sus bike. I’m thinking of a Canyon Spectral Al 6, YT Jeffsy 27, or Cube Stereo 140 HPC Race. They have similar geometries, similar specs, and are similarly priced with end of season deals. Thoughts?

  17. Pelleplös говорит

    Is a 2015 Giant Glory 2 worth £520? A local bikepark is selling their old bikes to get new ones for next season.

  18. Dylan M говорит

    #askgmbn hello, are yous going to be one of the channels that gets demonitised then stops? I hope not because yous are great

  19. Sam Chili говорит

    #AskGMBN hey guys I'm getting a dirtjumper soon, and I wanna know how to get better at jumps, any advice

  20. Billy STAINTON говорит

    #AskGMBN I am looking to upgrade my 3×9 drive train to a 1×11. I am wondering when i take the 9 speed cassette of will i be able to fit the 11 speed cassette straight onto the free hub body or do I need to buy anything else. Also how do you determine what size bottom bracket to replace your existing one with?

  21. Nolan Redder говорит

    #askgmbn love the videos and right now I’m looking for a new bike so I’ve found a bike and I’ve calculated the gear ratio and the drive train I have now is a 3x 8 with the lowest gear being a .71 on the gear ratio and on the bike I’m looking at is a 1×10 but the gear ratio is .74 so does .03 on the gear ratio make a difference

  22. wntdlawliet говорит

    I just wanto to ask if what is the problem about bike sizing i’m 5’4ft in height, about 60kilo grams, medium body built. I’m running Giant Reign 2 2017, before i use to ride SMALL size, but i have change to MEDIUM, because on my experience in trails with jumps table top and gaps, i’m prone to crash when i using the Small Size, but after i change to Medium i much feel more stable in riding and also doing jumps, i can do it smoothly in Medium size.
    Small and Medium size have a very small size differences only 1.4 inches. And some of bike geometry is almost the same.
    Do you think that is the frame size issue? Thank you i hope that you can give opinion about this.


  23. Luke Hatherall говорит

    Will you be going to the Cycleshow NEC Birmingham 2018? #ASKGMBN

  24. Mighty Booshmer говорит

    #askGMBN Hi guys. Huge fan. So i was thinking about getting a nukeproof 275 scout race and this comes with 800 mm handlebars. Im 13 and around 5 foot 3 is this alright for me or no?

  25. James Neal говорит

    #askgmbn hi I ride a Cannondale trail 4 and was wondering if you think it would be able to handle red downhill trails?

  26. Bikerboivr46 говорит

    #AskGMBN what is the easiest way to switch from gripshift to triggers on my daughters 24” bike

  27. Chain_Ring MTB говорит

    I'm a huge fan of the channel and i was hoping you could give me some advice.
    I'm riding for about a year now but only started training hard 6 or 7 month ago. I improved a lot and even got myself a few KOM's on strava. I did not slack off in training but for some reason it feels like my fitness and endurance are worsening. I can't even get close to my own PR's anymore.
    I do take recovery rides regularly.
    Any advice?

  28. Cale Janzen говорит

    #AskGMBN #askgmbn #askgmbntech I'm looking at 2 bikes right now 150mm/140 trail bike or a 160/170 enduro, for the same price, what would you guys go for and why. Thanks

  29. MapleSyrupGuy говорит

    I have a downhill bike (commencal) and I put a ten speed xt mech and a wide range cassette. I ride it on cross country trails for training and parks for fun. It’s my do it all bike.

  30. what do ya think bout LASAGNE говорит

    Can you find for me some good hardtail trail enduro bike. Im riding dj bike a lot, but I wanna try some enduro freeride. I have only 1000 dollars for this

  31. Adriaaan говорит

    #AskGMBN Hey guys! I’m saving up to buy a specialized stumpjumper fsr comp alu. It’s €3000.
    Is the difference big enough to save up a little longer and buy the Carbon model which costs €4000?

  32. Jesse True говорит

    Can you make a video on your top 5 picks for mountain bike saddles? I'm having a hard time finding one that I think would work for my full suspension XC bike since I do a lot of climbing and jumping.

  33. Domagoj Rajn говорит

    #AskGMBN Whats the difference between wet lube and ceramic wet lube?

  34. Christopher Smith говорит

    #AskGMBN Hey Neil, what about this:

  35. Liam King говорит

    #AskGMBN I currently have a Merida 140 500 and would like to convert it to a one by. Can I use the same bottom bracket and just get new cranks and sprocket and a new chain or do i need to replace the whole system. Thanks for your help!

  36. Paolo Giovanardi говорит

    I’ve watched many bike reviews on YouTube and a few of them say the entire bike is not that great at climbing Won’t simply changing the shock to a better one with a lockout make a difference.?

  37. MTB Alfie говорит

    #AskGMBN Just replaced my old chain with a new one and now it slips really bad but every think is adjusted right what could be the problem it's a Shimano Altus derailleur and cassette and chain so can you help thanks

  38. Ethan Powell говорит

    #AskGMBN live in Australia and can’t decide between trek roscoe 8 or the commencal meta origin. Open to any other suggestions in this price range

  39. J.B. Dazen говорит

    #AskGMBN So I'm a 39 year old from the Netherlands. I've never rode a mountainbike outside of the Netherlands. I'd like to know what it would take to get to a level on which I could finish an event like Megavalanche. I'd like to work my way up in difficulty, so what races/events/courses would you recommend?

  40. Matias Danziger говорит

    Do you think that 29ers are too big for jumps, especially more slopestyle jumps? #AskGMBN

  41. Insalt Images говорит

    #AskGMBN why don't more people wear full faced helmets on the trails besides downhill? Any crash OTB can cause facial injuries. Most motorcycle riders, road and trail wear full faced helmets though seems mountain bike riders seem to think they are safe.

  42. Stevo's YouTube говорит

    SNITCHELL 712 has your bike got suspended forks?

  43. M B говорит

    #AskGMBN I am just turning 12 and I live in Australia. I am currently running a 90s Mongoose with a horrible elastomer suspension, and I want to upgrade to an FS, as I am hitting larger features. But where I live there isn't a very good range of different bikes at bike shops, so I was wondering about buying online, but that usually comes without a test ride. Should I go online, or should I save up more money and buy from a bike shop?

  44. Jeb Eastaughffe говорит

    Hey guys I am 15 and I am thinking of starting mountain biking, I’m just wondering if the giant ATX 2 is a good starting bike or save an extra $100 and get the ATX 1. Or do you have any suggestions (anything under $700)

  45. Josh M говорит

    #AskGMBN I have a Giant trance 4 running 2×9 speed. I see the higher trance models are all running 1×11. Do I need a full 1×11 groupset when it comes to making the switch?

  46. dd410 говорит

    Neil hairs are 10/10

  47. leroy gibb говорит

    #AskGMBN Hey men, I'm good with drops up to around 4ft and nailing small jumps. Anything bigger i'm losing the pedals and luckily landing back on them (most of the time) i'm on flats and S7 shoes. what the fuck is going wrong ???

  48. hobmarg говорит

    Different length crank arms… come on, you serious dude?

  49. Mc Hammo говорит

    #askgmbn I want to start riding downhill but I don’t know all the technical words and can’t spend a lot of money, help me understand what all the words mean, and recommend any good cheap bikes

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