Ewelina Czapla — Katana Freestyle slalom skating


Watch Ewelina Czapla aka Efka elegantly skate her way around the cones, testing out the new KATANA Trinity frames on her Tau boots. The 3x90mm Katana frames will be out very soon.
More infos about the Trinity system can be found right here:
More infos about the Tau boots right here:

Infos on Undercover wheels at:
Specs on Wicked bearings can be found right here:

Skater: Ewelina Czapla
Video: Daniel Kędziora
Place: Warsaw/Poland
Skates: Powerslide Tau, Katana 215 Trinity Frame, Undercover Zebra 84mm wheels, Wicked ILQ 9 Classic bearings

Freestyle slalom skating with Ewelina Czapla on KATANA Trinity frames — Powerslide inline skates

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4 Комментарии
  1. Tarczynski Tomasz говорит

    Why are you advertising things which you couldn't offer to buy?? (225 3×90) I've seen this frame in YT some month ago (Lorenzo, Czapla team) and ask my dealer .. "may be next year avaliable" WTF!

  2. Marcel NGUYEN говорит

    it's so lovely<3 and great to see

  3. Mr. M Du weißt говорит

    Das video war echt unnötig

  4. Senanur Aygün говорит

    I love skating

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