F1 Driver Training: Renault's Race Cars At Silverstone


In part 2 of Renault Bootcamp, Matt takes on three different Renault cars at Silverstone to prepare himself for the Formula 1 drive tomorrow #EnterTheZone

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Интересное  Weekend Warriors Leivaliit@Halinga Airsoft 25 11 2018
27 Комментарии
  1. FFMC говорит

    You know the helmet is supposed to cover your head, not your hair

  2. Tyler Lindsey говорит

    That confetti/cheer scared the crap out of me haha… (wearing headphones)

  3. Ajaiy Sentil говорит

    watching matt drive just makes me cringe clutch be praying rn lol

  4. Radim Ziegler говорит

    Matt looks like an idiot in that helmet.
    Give him a proper sized one!

  5. Paulo Sérgio говорит

    You are a joke

  6. gregoire de Susanne говорит

    "brake more hard" 😂 les moniteurs français

  7. Sokail говорит

    Μπράβο ρε Βασίλη!

  8. Matt- RS говорит

    How much bhp and torque is that clio cup rs? I want some more power out of mine but the clutch won't take anymore I don't know of any aftermarket clutches… so wondering if there is one about?

  9. klo kal говорит

    Is the winner Greek

  10. Luis Colón говорит

    The last instructor is a d…

  11. Bfa говорит

    The helmet is sitting on top of his head

  12. mark mihalyi говорит

    Matts face is just ridicoulus

  13. matthew fitzgerald говорит

    Stop saying Christ like that Matt. I give you credit for having the skills to get on a track and try your best

  14. Treeezplz говорит

    Is Michael Scott the racing driver driving that last Renault?? Hahah wtf

  15. Treeezplz говорит

    Damn that instructor grabbed your steering wheel like he thought you were gonna wreck and kill him ! 😂😂

    Also do you know how to drive a manual??? Lol

  16. FFMC говорит

    1:34 WTH is that helmet?!

  17. 1337Space говорит

    matt the staller

  18. Jacobiini Magallanes говорит

    Matt Gallagher

    *High Scorer of Pullups*

  19. Bmx Rider говорит

    LETS GO GREECE!!!!!!

  20. the guy говорит

    Hey the winner is greek ?!

  21. Mariano Raymondo говорит

    An instructor who can't speak english. Nice.

  22. Askan Racing говорит

    hahah, 9:54 thats not Matt driving… looks way too fast for a beginner xD

  23. Hans Goldrich говорит

    My rs6 will eat that first little rs6. The v8 will suck it in at the front and shitt it out in the back

  24. TheSpacecraftX говорит

    What made it so easy to stall?

  25. day 2 day говорит

    2.05 that helmet fit is funny as hell!!!

  26. RampagedGamer90 говорит

    Renault should come to America I’ll buy a rs over any mustang

  27. Aero777 говорит

    8:00 IT'S A TWONGI

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