Field Trippin’ BTS: Bringing a Freestyle Biker's Dream to Life


►Watch the gorgeous final product, Field Trippin’ HERE:
Some things are just far too simple. For example, building some dirt jumps in a field in Sweden and filming Martin Söderström and Dawid Godziek riding them on a beautiful sunny day. Too easy, right?!

Field Trippin’ tweaked this idea by digging the jumps into the earth, not on top of it. The result would hopefully see Martin and Dawid shooting up from and disappearing into a wall of yellow flowers when the field came into blossom.

3:12 «Love You More» by Ben Esser (Crispy Crust Records):

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Field Trippin’ BTS: Bringing a Freestyle Biker’s Dream to Life


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34 Комментарии
  1. David gustavo macedo говорит


  2. Unknown Australian говорит

    can’t stand it when they call it “flowers”. It’s canola

  3. Ficekooo - SkiJump&Bike говорит

    Where is that?

  4. Luca Schwitalla говорит

    amazing! Kepp going buddy😉

  5. Louis Reuter говорит

    Awesome!!! What is the name of the song in the beginning?

  6. Kieran Macdonald говорит

    Whats the song in the actual video

  7. Bumir говорит

    Martin can you make a video about your new Bike ? PLEASSSSSS!

  8. ma. victoria ramos говорит

    what martin just crash in the 1st shoot

  9. suntorn wongsuntorn говорит

    wow very nice.location

  10. Maria Soledad Hernandez Hernandez говорит


  11. Maria Soledad Hernandez Hernandez говорит

    Eso que tiene que ver con lo de bts de koreano

  12. cat intensifies говорит

    Knew it was Sweden just by looking at the thumbnail, this is a pretty cool project!

  13. Vaporizer Wizard говорит

    Great riding and cinematography! What FPS were you shooting?

  14. Benne говорит

    yay Sweden! 😀

  15. Little lachie говорит

    What specific bike?

  16. Nate Cummins говорит

    Just beutiful

  17. Antonio Rainieri говорит

    I love this video😍😍😍

  18. Danny Rios говорит

    fucking sick

  19. Patreeek говорит


  20. sandspar говорит

    Red Bull for King of the World !!!

  21. Kushhmeister говорит

    That was dope. Wish you had more shots.

  22. Christian The Boss gomez pineda говорит


  23. Kas Kahea говорит

    😜 aaaaahhh

  24. Sorel_IX говорит

    Does anyone know the name of the song that plays in the actual video? The final result video? Can't find it anywhere! Driving me nuts. Credit all your video's, Red Bull! Thx

  25. Dirt Jumping говорит

    that is over board

  26. Erinaldo da JET говорит

    foda pra Caraí

  27. Janio Mackson говорит

    bmx umas das minhas maiores paixão

  28. школьник тв говорит

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  29. Evan Bak говорит

    Yes! I was more exited for the bts than the vid after watching the vid

  30. Sandro RIDE говорит

    epic project

  31. Chepchep говорит

    what is the music in the first minute?

  32. Andrew Reid говорит

    this is mind blowing

  33. swarm69 говорит

    one of my local riding spots used to have a set that looked like that but allot smaller "bomb hole" jumps are so much fun to ride, but scary as hell especially if they are narrow, hitting the wall is a bad way to crash

  34. David Campbell говорит

    How to activate hay fever 101

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