FREE RUN 2011 KHARKOV (acro )



Интересное  Прогулка по г. Сосан (Seosan). Южная Корея
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  1. Владислав Владимиров говорит

    that is free run ! because free run this is not parkour !in freerun can be kapuero and tricking and break dance! free run-sided

  2. Konstantyn Nemchenko говорит

    Haha wuz up Dante its Konstantyn. Thats true bro and also привет Владик это Костик класное видео!!

  3. rashed reshad говорит

    @federsMATEK bro you serious at least he tries and flow is in parkour not freerunning , freerunning is all about crating your own movement and doing crazy style by adding all different kinds of sports like Tim shief or Ryan doyle bro you need to tell people that your good not bad if you tell them your bad they well never do it again you should know what i mean if your a parkour athlete this video is awesome i am really sure you cant do most of the stuff he does .

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