GoPro: Red Bull Global RallyCross 2014 Highlight


Look back at the most exciting moments from the 2014 season of Global RallyCross year. Follow all of the drivers during their battle for the Championship, from Round 1 in Barbados to Round 10 in Las Vegas.

Shot 100% on the HERO3+® and HERO4® camera from ‪

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Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic


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21 Комментарии
  1. DOKTOP3JI0 говорит

    А как вам такое дерьмо?

  2. 10k Subscribers without any videos. говорит


  3. The Moving Chicane говорит

    Crazy coming back to this video now because of GRC basically throwing their own brand away 🙁

  4. Lapsem Weaver говорит

    That music for Round 10 always gives me goosebumps.

  5. Greg Fix говорит

    Who dislikes these videos

  6. Jace Johnson говорит

    1:50 — Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  7. DarkSwam56 говорит

    Block showing respect by doing a donut around him at the end is awesome

  8. Arthur Guima говорит

    alguem br

  9. Zynary Zaidi говорит

    look, at the age 21, hes a driver and a winner. look at me, at the age 27, i still dont have a car. sad

  10. Alien003 Hydrogen nitrogen говорит

    That was some eye cracking shills yo

  11. Lionel messi говорит

    hahah gentleman 0:20

  12. Adventure Story говорит

    if i had a car like that))

  13. Eron Barbosa говорит

    nelson piquet jr tira esse ovo da boca, tu é Brasileiro cara

  14. QuattroRMT говорит

    how to get into RallyX?

  15. Kevin Christensen говорит

    What are the buttons on the steering wheels?

  16. Tenaguer говорит

    can some one tell me the name of the first song? 0:30

  17. Willy Schanke говорит

    Really hope RX gains traction in the US and that you get some dedicated track's for it. 
    As it is now, Global RX (US) can't compete with World RX or even the various local RX championships in Europe. Such an awesome sport deserves a lot better than a makeshift track on a parking lot or whatever.

  18. Putorkdx Putorkdx говорит

    One of my favorite series right now

  19. RubenakaXilednorway говорит

    Ez for the Norwegian 😀

  20. DeepBlueSpirit говорит

    amazing video!!
    Someone knows what the songs in the background are called?? 🙂

  21. Raditram говорит

    If Group B is too dangerous for stage rally, then why the hell don't we bring them to rally cross? I mean the cars in RX already have some crazy 600hp?? Maan group b rx would be insane!

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