GoPro VR BTS: For the Love of Lions


In loving memory of Cecil (c. 2002 — July 1, 2015)

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Go Behind the Spherical with Kevin Richardson and Meg & Amy, two rescued lionesses, who show us how to hunt with the pride and how to overcome their fear of water through trust and friendship.

Join GoPro for a Cause, Chris Mercer, Kevin Richardson and Coalition Against Canned Hunting in changing government policy to abolish canned hunting and put stop to cub petting and import of lion trophies.

Please join us in supporting The Campaign Against Canned Hunting.

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33 Комментарии
  1. Kyler говорит

    Rip our girl amy

  2. rhonda felice говорит

    Absolutely AMAZING! Such beautiful creatures !

  3. Danteana говорит

    While jumping into Kevin's arms in the river, she put her paws, not claws to Kevin's body… that's major thoughtful move by Meg towards Kevin. Even most cats if they are in Meg situation will bring their claws out as an extra security move.

  4. Ephraim S George говорит

    Man this brought tears to my face lol😭😭😭

  5. Archana Jn говорит

    The world loves you Kevin. Saviour of animals. Earth is indebted to you.

  6. 전빵철 говорит

    Maybe now he is on her stomach…?

  7. Oj tak tak byczku говорит


  8. Oj tak tak byczku говорит


  9. TheBlackbirdii говорит

    scripted video full of bullshit

  10. Samantha Flynn говорит

    What did they hunt at the beginning??

  11. Samantha Flynn говорит

    That's what ya call " getting F'd up" by 2 lionesses..LOL

  12. Kc Kp говорит

    Amazing shot!!! My God 😭😭😭

  13. Daniel Daniel говорит

    this music 3.14 the name of this music please!?

  14. jay hall говорит


  15. ChonTravelsPH говорит

    beautiful video

  16. John McCuskey говорит

    GEORGE AND YAME!!!! Love seeing those two at the end.

  17. Mahmoud Rajeh говорит

    0:15 my dude almost killed it

  18. N U M B говорит

    did y’all find this on Snapchat or what?😂
    I did

  19. Nikolas Espinosa говорит

    On snap there was an add saying he was attacked with this video as the picture

  20. Johnny Playz говорит

    Is this a GoPro ad. Because this is a great angle of humans interacting with lions.

  21. AmericanPatriot говорит

    Guaranteed the down votes on this video come from trophy hunting cowards! You're not a man because you shoot an animal for sport. You know damn well you wouldn't last a minute with a lion without that unfair advantage. I bet most of you are making up for something you lack between your legs!

  22. Rie Beachn говорит

    This video made me watch over and over and over again still never get bored❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. khalee marielle romero говорит

    I love meg 💕

  24. Lions TAIGAN Park. Official INTERNATIONAL Channel говорит

    Here is almost the same happening at "Taigan" safari park:

  25. Bambi du Gaming говорит


  26. Bambi du Gaming говорит

    Kevin Richardson is my best hero

  27. escapee говорит

    My next guard-dog will be a lioness 😐

  28. Radhika Bidawatka говорит

    I would like to see the trophy hunters being hunted down by the same animals.. that would be the appropriate karma.

  29. Jon Tom говорит


  30. krish arts & photography говорит

    Vow 🙂

  31. Dani_Checkerz говорит

    My favorite thing ever is Kevin saying Meg and Amy are his soulmates… I adore those girls so much!

  32. Kathy Romeo говорит

    God bless this guy wow 😊

  33. Cap Pacc говорит

    the loin part of this was good but the rolling you did was str8 BS just be real

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