Gordon Ryan vs. Keenan Cornelius Highlight


Highlight of the almost 90 minute match between Gordan and Keenan. Match took place at grappling industries.


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  1. BWAG говорит

    3:06 that’s impressive

  2. Ras Alghul говорит

    Gordon doesn't even look the same before he got on the juice

  3. zzzkenner говорит

    Keenan is a god

  4. CRAKFACE говорит

    Keenan like why I come here

  5. Judo MDZ говорит

    That's what bjj should look like!

  6. Leo G говорит

    I'd like to see that fight again in 2019 with Gi

  7. Gabriel Tribuzy говорит

    This matchup nowadays would sell out an small arena probably

  8. desi stang говорит

    keenan 2 years later, leg locks and no gi is destroying jiu jitsu lol

  9. teknomogul говорит

    In any order you want to rank them in, the best American grapplers were all there: Garry, Gordon, and Keenan.

  10. stephen allenbaugh говорит


  11. Ruben Quezada говорит

    Who the hell let these go for an hour and a half…..go take a nap

  12. Beauty Princess говорит

    Some couples go out to a dinner and a movie. Others roll around on the floor for 90 minutes. When is the wedding?

  13. MaadLuck говорит

    Why does no one go for ankle or heel locks on a person has their ass against the mat and feet out basically a guard

  14. Rami S. говорит

    So this is Bjj now? We went from kimuras and sweeps to 2 dudes rolling holding feet. No thanks

  15. Al Capone говорит

    This was almost 3 years ago Keenan is the same grappler i saw til the present days but Gordon is now a fucking KILLER…! A complete diffrent Grappler!

  16. Pompous Windbag говорит

    Keenan is much better than these blokes at wrestling.

  17. Rev. Dave Hughes MMA говорит

    Check me out on my weekly mma show. On my channel.

  18. Jim Tomlinsom говорит

    Those type of mats are shit. As soon as there's the slightest bit of moisture on the them or the body they're slippy as ice

  19. D B говорит

    i think that Keenan is the most complete grappler out there, he can hang with anyone in any game, gi, no-gi, takedowns, leg locks or upper body attacks, he can truly do it all

  20. The_CactusExperience говорит

    Great grappling match! There’s a reason that leg lock attempts are hit or miss (mainly miss) in MMA though.

  21. 승지 говорит

    Keenan will never be able to defeat Gordon.

  22. ChaosKataGaming говорит


  23. Dominic Cleveland говорит


  24. gabehcuoD suoitneterP говорит

    They both look exhausted, was it really 36+ minutes long?

  25. Vildheten говорит

    Nice scrambles. The King! Alot of respect for both of these guys.

  26. Martin Schmidt говорит

    yeah we did this a lot in elementary school.

  27. CASEY SHEPHERD говорит

    Doesn’t Keenan have blonde hair? Didn’t look like him

  28. dom ferguson говорит

    Epic song!

  29. Alejandro Gonzalez говорит

    I hate leg locks

  30. Doily Barn говорит

    Gordon is obviously awesome but would the finish have been the same if Gordon Ryan wasn't on the sauce?

  31. Bruce Lee говорит

    All this footsie play is legit and technical, but I miss the days of Marcelo takin bitches backs and chokin fuckers out (Shaolin) 😩

  32. Jay Fallows говорит

    Great match

  33. Sam Lebb говорит

    Now in the GI 😀

  34. Waseem Imam говорит

    WOW, amazing

  35. Kyle Johnson говорит


  36. shamsam bakar говорит

    Jesus Christ, 90 minutes of rolling! That's crazy, what a match too, congrats to both, very impressive performances by both.

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