Kobe Bryant: NBA Rookie Year Highlights | Teenager Doing Work!


As part of our Rookie Season highlights series, we start off by taking a look at The Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant, as a skinny teenager in his first year in the NBA. Check out the flash and athleticism he showed at just 18 years old!

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  1. Rico Kendrick говорит

    Goat RIP Kobe Bryant black mamba

  2. Carlos Martinez говорит

    This is why he Became my favorite Athlete of all-time. From the get go this Man was a Hard Worker his never give up attitude was legendary. 💯👍🏽
    R.I.P TO THE Legend Kobe Bean Bryant the Black Mamba and Hi Anna "Mambacita" Bryant and all 7 Others Lost in that Horrible Crash.🙏🏽😢😭

  3. iAmSLASH говорит

    @1:14 that cross over… RIP 🐐

  4. Amir J говорит

    Should've had more minutes. Could've gotten rookie of the year

  5. Glenda Turner говорит

    The dog in action

  6. Dakid015 говорит

    That last part with Byron Scott hit me. How prophetic he was when he said "mark my words…" and especially how Kobe had the Mamba mentality from the beginning. Rest in Heaven Kobe and Gigi 🏀🙏🙏🙏

  7. Derrick Burleson говорит

    "Byron Scott spoke some REAL FUTURISTIC WORDS…and KOBE didn't disappoint the FANS and SPECTATORS, THANX YOU KOBE, you will definitely be missed"

  8. warichards1 говорит

    KOBE. There was nothing like watching him play live in his early NBA days— man, he was lightening quick, explosive and fast and smooth and brilliant!! He was extremely intelligent (of course)—- way beyond his years that was largely unappreciated by some of his peers early on due to petty jealousies. But Byron Scott knew… he knew. My heart breaks for KOBE, Gianna… Vanessa..the families. 😥🙏🏿🎚

  9. DTruth850 говорит

    We will all leave here one Day.. Get right with God and treat people with love and respect.

  10. Kederrick Parson говорит

    Damn 24 my brotha rip

  11. Justkoolin 417 говорит

    Still tear up every time I watch vids/clips of Kobe. Especially ones with him and GiGi 😢😢 RIP Mamba 🐍 & Mambacita 🐍 🙏🏾💔🙏🏾

  12. Chris Drake говорит

    R.I.P Kobe and Gianna😢😰😭👼👩😓😥💔🏀🙏😞

  13. laerth ribeiro говорит

    No words 💔💔🐍

  14. Christbepraised говорит

    As Jordan said a piece of us died

  15. ROV DOG говорит


  16. Doug Lang говорит

    What is going on in that thumbnail? Looks… crooked

  17. N. Thomas говорит

    Most definitely 1 of the greatest the cat had skills out this world and a hard one to hold fly high champ we definitely enjoyed you G.

  18. Justin Wilhite говорит

    4:35 now youre old if youre born in the 70s lol

  19. Justin Wilhite говорит

    How tf wasnt he a starter as a rookie??

  20. Augustin Olivares говорит

    Kobe Bryant played with the "you reach I teach" mentality, at times seemingly outdoing himself! He almost has to fight against putting the ball in the basket! CRAZY SCORER

  21. Aj Chairez говорит

    RIP to the great one. I didn’t know Kobe kinda had a lisp which isn’t that bad of a thing….. or is it just me..?

  22. John Joe говорит

    i have to admit I was team Eddie Jones all the way when Kobe first came and hated the idea that a teenager was replacing my favorite Laker so I never really appreciated all what Kobe was doing his first few seasons.

  23. pietrocr7 говорит

    the interview at the end made me cry

  24. Fly Eagles говорит

    0:09 Kobe or Tupac ?? 😭🙏

  25. albert rich говорит

    From h.s to the NBA kicking ass and taking names !!! RIP brother…💖

  26. FOOXX4EVER говорит

    He born to be a superstar and is sad to say he died to be a legend…mamba4ever

  27. Dick B Dragging говорит

    RIP Kobe! If you’ve ever loved basketball you have to respect Kobe, he was the man and always will be.

  28. Renee Satchel говорит

    So sad he's no longer here😣

  29. Jeremy W Brown говорит

    I cant believe he's gone . im a spurs fans and i remember him and Ginobli going at it .

    R.I.P KOBE

  30. CaliforniaUSA ResidentalMindset говорит

    That’s what Hard work and dedication looks like. One of the few athletes committed to their craft with such tenacity. Thanks for all the games Kobe. LA❤️Love

  31. K06E говорит

    He looked like a vet

  32. Flavio Ferreira говорит

    🏀😢 Dear kobe forever! 🇧🇷

  33. Clarence Lucas говорит

    🥳-RIP -😢

  34. Bill Brown говорит

    Was this all his rookie season ?

  35. FIRE SPARK говорит

    #8💜💛 #LAKERSNATION 💛💜#24

  36. Gary E. Ko говорит

    Mamba forever

  37. SuperSpaceman25 говорит

    Seeing the highlights still makes me smile with joy & enthusiasm. Bringing color to life with creative self expression. It still hurts man.

  38. ceci garrett говорит

    Kobe — goat 🐐 #showboat

  39. Chief T говорит

    Damn it's like looking at Jordan all over again with these highlights… Rest in peace Mamba

  40. Edgar Bonilla говорит

    Chikie🎤🍿Doors close lights out eggs cooln butter is getting hard and the jello is jiggln bby..🎱

  41. mannyman84 говорит

    Still cant believe it 😭

  42. A.T X говорит

    So much swag with it

  43. Alejsndro Valdivia говорит

    Damm Kobe and Byron Scott.

  44. Vincent E Stone говорит

    Gotta Love it !

  45. Og St.Eyes говорит

    😔I miss u already man😢🙏

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