Marcus Kleveland — A collection of clips from the 16/17 season, Just fun! :) BlooSAMURAI — Kamandi




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  1. Kyle Vin говорит

    What a legend

  2. The Man On The Mountain говорит

    Fucking INSANE.

  3. Jon Velt говорит

    Sick clips mate! Just pure admiration for you.

  4. 김남조 говорит


  5. Liam Doyle говорит

    This is some SSX type stuff…

  6. Benyo говорит

    02:07 from outta space

  7. Jason Longo говорит

    The tech is mad but it's the style that gets me

  8. TD Riehm говорит

    best warming up to "no sleep 'till Brooklyn."

  9. Rocco Cavalli говорит


  10. Marcus Kveveland говорит

    Kor er Nikolai ramm

  11. Casey Taillon говорит

    Watching this a few years later getting hyped to get on my board again 🙌🏻

  12. Василий Пичкалев говорит


  13. Frequency 333 говорит

    My brain hurts…. that was amazing . Your control is beyond anything I have ever seen.

  14. Isaac Mazur говорит

    Dude is a ninja

  15. ell r говорит

    Would you like any maple syrup with your waffles sir?! No just butter…

  16. r n говорит

    His butters defy logic

  17. mraz kwong говорит

    My heart beat went to bpm 2xx Sth when I was watching this …..simply amazing ^.^

  18. David Kolifrath говорит

    the title says "just fun :)" and he stomps a quad like its no big deal.

  19. Kaicheng Hu говорит


  20. Nick Graham говорит

    Actually beast bro

  21. big boom говорит

    He's incredible

  22. Cxeri93 говорит

    when you max out all skills on SSX Tricky.

  23. Lukas Hetzenauer говорит

    When do you start with snowboarding?

  24. Artem Tyugashov говорит

    yes you are the god of snowboarding!!!

  25. Marco Aurélio говорит

    dude fuck off that is insane photoshop!! lol

    cugrats nice moves love it

  26. Carloslqtx говорит

    that last shot is so sick

  27. Zakrapovic говорит

    Sick edit.
    Where is the last resort?

  28. anotherPerspective говорит

    the last clip… perfect drone shot ( I was blown out of my Dx Racer)

  29. Ludovico Ranieri Tenti говорит

    Dude you're a fucking Ninja, favorite snowboarder of all time

  30. Stay YOLO говорит


  31. DopeyTowel говорит

    Homie isn’t even human. This is unreal.

  32. Sam Burgess говорит

    This video and you are the definition of the word "SSSKKKKYYYYYAAAAAATTTTT" Absolutely mind bending shit. THAT TRIPLE 10!!!!!

  33. MrJSiQ говорит

    Mother**cker is a ninja on a snowboard!

  34. Evgeni Damianov говорит

    Dope tricks! Brilliant!

  35. Mathias Aspaas говорит

    why doesn't gravity apply to you? Great work.

  36. ZMEY VRN говорит

    Чувак ты крут!!!!

  37. Alex Strelkov говорит

    Маркус ты лучший!!!

  38. Cyan West говорит

    sooo gay

  39. Joe A говорит

    Not human.

  40. Gunnar Arnekleiv говорит

    Bro, marcus kan du lage (A day of Marcus kleveland) lik hvis du er enig. 😊😚

  41. 하쿠나마타타 говорит


  42. Toby Cartner говорит

    You inspire me to be better

  43. R M говорит

    the best

  44. MrSpreadem говорит

    God he makes this look so easy. He’s doing rodeos on flat ground.

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