No Surf? Jump on your SmoothStar and skate like you surf!


We follow SmoothStar team riders Wade, Sabina and Ben on their SmoothStar surfing skateboards. There is more to come…. check out and

Edit: Giuseppe Lo Fiego


Интересное  WEF60 PROFFIGHT25 Аскарбаев Нурманбет Кыргызстан против Алижанова Эльдара Узбекистан
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  1. Daniel Aguilera Irala говорит

    you know where i can find a tutorial to aerials in bowl with the smoothstar

  2. Ste Bee говорит

    I can do the same shit and more on my 8.5” flip deck, Indy trucks and 34mm spitfire wheels 🤙

  3. samyskint говорит

    Sponsors me go on my page Instagram

  4. NBWebMan говорит

    tighter, more critical and smoother turning than Carver.

  5. Jaja Dodo говорит

    better than a carver skateboard?

  6. Moondaka89 говорит

    pure video
    super crew

  7. Ben Collison говорит

    They are around $300. If you want to know the feeling of surfing get one of these its as close as it gets! A board that uses the same GeForce turning to propel you further and faster, sliding is for the advanced. Carving is what it's about

  8. skyzablu говорит

    i would get one if they werent $400

  9. wertyuio267 говорит

    Basically a shortboard for people who can't slide/freeride using a longboard, still looks really fun but if you want to do slides, use a longboard 🙂

  10. SmoothStarSurf говорит

    Get one! more vids to come bro.

  11. skyzablu говорит

    i really want one of those boards there so awesome

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