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26 Комментарии
  1. Official Toy Music Charts говорит

    Penaldo watched this

  2. opengame говорит

    The video editing is epic 😲💯

  3. puutsie man говорит

    5:37 online soccer manager vibes

  4. Courtney Osaki говорит

    your videos are the best.

  5. Vincent Productions говорит

    I DM'ed this video to Zaza.

  6. Mohsin Jadoon говорит


  7. Mantana Scott говорит


  8. Edison Cavani говорит

    That was the coolist intro I have ever seen

  9. Dav Shen говорит

    I live how tekkers guru missed

  10. infinity Evade говорит

    Where is hentai haven

  11. Gabby C говорит


  12. J B G говорит

    Im norwegian and i remember an norwgian accent (the sport phyqologist)

  13. Tbennett говорит

    Wait is the one where jazza headed the ball to billy really legal, (in a game not a shoot out)

  14. Kim Archer говорит

    Sick intro

  15. Carter Richie говорит

    I lowkey need to learn how to do the ground travela please make a guide

  16. Blazing Strikers говорит

    Make a video of fifa 20

  17. Adrian Bothma говорит

    One of the best intoductions to any video ever!

  18. q r Owner говорит

    Messi would love this video

  19. Ryann Qaliff говорит

    Hey f2,my name is ryann. Im 14. I have been a football goalkeeper for my club in malaysia, and i realise its actually not about data, its about the movement of the body n the movement of the leg when they want to shoot. I realise the movement is different when they shoot to the left conpared when they shoot to the right. I hope this will help you. Bye

  20. fiachra dillon говорит

    Back when the F2 used to send educational videos. Now it’s just videos for most hits

  21. Milan Coric23 говорит

    Who was the goalkeeper in the green clothe

  22. Nicola watson говорит

    United players should watch this one

  23. Collet Jean Charles говорит

    Cabalero once was a physiologist

  24. Collet Jean Charles говорит

    Pogba and Rashford should watched this

  25. Jesse Eaton говорит

    Great video

  26. ronaldinho 69 говорит

    the best video u guys haev ever made..

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