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RC cars are fun.
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“Note: For this hydroplaning run we used a stock Slash 4X4 with Traxxas Stability Management and included optional high-speed gearing with a Traxxas Power Cell 3s LiPo. We installed aftermarket paddle tires to propel across the water. We also secured pre-cut foam noodle sections for flotation – just in case. Vehicles shown are being operated by professional drivers in a controlled environment. For the safety of users, others, and the product, please do not imitate the maneuvers performed in this video.” -Traxxas


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  1. Manjit Raut говорит

    what is its price

  2. يويو يايا говорит

    ارع فديهات شاهدتها

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  4. Robin Lee говорит

    Ty I love you Cody cordy

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  6. Turner Barry говорит

    I have all the rc cars you guys have

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  8. Rana sami Rana sami говорит

    I like care

  9. Rana sami Rana sami говорит

    I like this

  10. Ali Khan говорит

    Last stunt

  11. Agazzi Gautama говорит

    Anyone from 2023 like me ?

  12. Raashid Rikaz говорит

    Selabratie talked showed me all of your wife's and children

  13. Brent van Doorn говорит

    4.25 i have the same car

  14. aba rainjay говорит

    Wow so cool

  15. zuko Gaming говорит

    Amazing video and Rc

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  17. Outdoorsie Bros говорит

    DuDe perfect don’t stop posting I have not seen any 2019 vids

  18. Raashid Rikaz говорит

    I love the music and the shots plus I'm getting one of those when I am 9 years old in 4 days on October 21 2019

  19. soleh sholawat говорит

    Masya allah

  20. Tv tume Youtube говорит

    Tv tume youtube chanel

  21. Sean Baca говорит

    Kind of cheesey…

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