Road Bike Parkour 2 — Snow Ride


Road Bike Parkour 2 — Snow ride by Max Schrom is out now!
Inspired by the big Road Bike Party and Freestyle films we searched for new ideas and we found them! To ride on snow with your roadbike is impossible? No — Max did it!
An incredible edit of roadbike stunts in the sun of Barcelona (Spain) and the Snowpark-Kaunertal in Austria. The first ever ride in a snowpark by using a normal roadbike, a trampolin and a complete ride on a longboard.
Filmed an directed by Matthias Mrohs. Special thanks to Raphael Pils (Longboard), Dennis Keller (Support), Larissa Scharte (Support), Christian Hammer (Aerial Shots by Hammer-Luftaufnahmen) and Thomas Mrohs (leading innovater).
Also huge THX to Skoda, Power Horse Energy, Ridley Bikes, TSG and Max other sponsors — without them, this video would not be possible!
Max used a standard version of the «Ridley C10 Fenix disc» — nothing changed!
We hope you like the video — let us know what you think in the comments. For questions please contact Max Schrom on Facebook (Link below).
Don´t miss to subscribe — RBP2 Outtakes, Making-off and more videos will coming soon! Thanks for watching!

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26 Комментарии
  1. black говорит

    song name??

  2. Antonio Rivera говорит

    name of the two songs

  3. Francis Jerome Penuela говорит

    2019 still enjoying your videos.

  4. Drive 2 Wheels говорит

    How many psi of pressure you have on your wheels?

  5. Mxrider2stroke Braaap говорит

    Awesome skillz and video👍🏻

  6. Martin Zastrow говорит

    wirklich schöne videos, schade das sie bei yt soweit unten gelistet sind. wünsche dir ein schönes und verletzungfreies jahr 2017.

  7. Bacha Gaming говорит

    Nice video

  8. Mr Baxteria говорит


  9. Thorham говорит

    That music is horrible 8^(

  10. Promojokr15 8 говорит

    What bike is that

  11. Md Alamin говорит

    Hi, This is road or cyclocross bike.

  12. Osni Araújo говорит


    I've just watched 5 of your videos and thought that you've done a really good job on your post production.
    Now after seeing this one… I take off my hat to you and whoever did the camera/post-prod job =)

  13. Modou Aw говорит

    noumay def ba manko

  14. 정승혁 говорит

    Woah thats really nice!!

    +Why your handlebar is heading down?

  15. moonshot говорит

    awesome! those are some rad stunts!! please, make a video on how to bunny hop on road bike, i'd like to learn it!

  16. Oliver Fischer говорит

    Aber trotzdem sehr geil

  17. Oliver Fischer говорит

    wow nice ich wünschte ich wär schon so gut aber an Martin Ashton kommst leider net ran

  18. LOCKY Wong говорит

    What is the song name?

  19. Chris L. говорит

    Geiler Typ!

  20. TheKenef говорит

    gay AF

  21. Alemao DH говорит

    Great riding skills, but the music is lame as f***. Had to mute here. I cannot stand this jonas brothers crap

  22. James OKeefe говорит

    Awesome video guys. amazing. can you tell me what the first song was? went great with the video. thanks for sharing some crazy talent.

  23. Gorez33 говорит

    Geiler Shit 🙂 Aber da fehlt doch was 😉

  24. BigBull говорит

    Ich sags ja immer wieder: "Die Welt braucht mehr Freaks!"
    Wie immer nen geiles Video! Gerne mehr davon!
    Gruß BigB

  25. CycleFreakTv говорит

    wow totaly awesome

  26. Bike Time говорит

    OUT NOW! Let us know what you think about it! Riding on snow with a roadbike? Yes sir!!!!

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