Flushing 240lbs of Mercury

6 мес. назад

I see if a little mercury can be flushed down a toilet and then I take the experiment a little farther and flush a toilet with 240 lbs of mercury. Test results here: ...


2 г. назад

What the what? Jeff uploaded something besides a GUN video? Why am I speaking in third-person? How is this even possible? We pour mercury on top of table ...

The Binding of Isaac: AFTERBIRTH+ - Northernlion Plays - Episode 157 [Mercury]

19 час. назад

Afterbirth+ on Steam: Afterbirth+ is finally out! Check out my runs and watch as we become...really real Platinum ...

Super Cooled Nickel Ball in Mercury

1 дн. назад

Combining the elements nitrogen and mercury. WARNING *For your safety do not attempt to recreate anything you see here at home! SUBSCRIBE: ...

Top 10 AMAZING Facts About MERCURY

8 мес. назад

Welcome to Top10Archive! Well, we did it. We have eight planets behind us, leaving us with only one more left to explore. Join us as we make our final landing ...

Mercury Bottle Flip

4 мес. назад

Cody's lab also did a mercury water bottle flipping video, it's super cool check it out here! tesla500 ...

Bare Hand vs Liquid Mercury

2 г. назад

In this video, I place my hand into a container of the pure element, mercury, and describe how it feels. A link to my Facebook fan page: ...

COULD YOU... WALK on the liquid metal MERCURY? (Hg)

4 г. назад

In this video we compare the densities between other objects and try to come to a reasonable conclusion about the possibility of walking on the surface of this ...

WTF! Will Diamonds Float on Mercury?

9 час. назад

Kinda what it says in the title! A little guide for the eye.... density diamond ~3.5g/cm3 density mercury ~14g/ cm3 How high it floats is actually partially a ...


3 г. назад

I demonstrate some basic physical properties of mercury.

11 facts about: MERCURY

2 г. назад

11 interesting facts about Mercury. The smallest planet. If you are interested in the wonders of the Universe, as planets, stars, black holes, theories, our solar ...

Planet Mercury | Space School

4 г. назад

Ice has been found on Mercury! What's the climate like? What about the atmosphere itself? Could there be life? Learn more here! As excited as we are, some of ...

Where Did I Get My Mercury?

5 мес. назад

In this video I show where my mercury came from. See me extracting mercury from the ore here: I forgot to ...


4 г. назад

I did not sent this out to my subscriber feed, so I don't know how you found this video. A collection of some of the oddball mercury experiments I have done over ...

Planet Song for Kids/Solar System Songs for Children/Mercury Song for Children

2 г. назад

Learn about the planet Mercury in this amazing animated video and song. And don't forget to sing along Facebook: ...

MERCURY-Filled Water Balloon - Science!

6 г. назад

Mercury, also known as quicksilver, is a very dense liquid metal. It remains a liquid down to about -40c. Normally you would have to fill a water balloon using a ...

Bending Solid Mercury: It Cries!

2 г. назад

I freeze some liquid mercury metal in liquid nitrogen and then do a quick test of its physical properties.

The Mercury and H-Mercury -

18 час. назад

If you don't want to watch till the end of the video, the Mercury and H-Mercury are no where near as good as they should be for their respective tiers. In other ...

MERCURY (Hg) on a Speaker Experiment - What happens?

3 г. назад

What happens if you put the super dense liquid metal, mercury, on a speaker? This has been requested quite a bit by viewers. Make sure you watch the surprise ...

''A Word of Caution'' by Mercury Coated Veins | CLASSIC VAMPIRE CREEPYPASTA

24 час. назад

So, I guess you all know by now that chatting with you and replying to comments as best I can is an important part of this channel for me. Tonight's video is ...

Kích sóng Wifi MERCURY 300M (Hướng dẫn cài đặt)

6 мес. назад

Thiết bị hỗ trợ cài đặt trên Android, Iphone, Noikia lumia, Laptop, Box Tivi, ...... Không tải ứng dụng và không cần tài khoản Cung cấp và lắp đặt các...