Take Off & Heavy Drops. From 110% Surfing Technniques Volume 2. www.surftechniques.com


Here are 2 sections from 110% Surfing Techniques Volume 2. The aim of these 2 sections is too improve your take off and help you make the drop on steep and heavy waves.
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Интересное  тепло механика
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  1. Krs Villegas говорит

    The worst part of this video is watching so many good waves go untamed

  2. Tor Marquis говорит

    you also might want to mention that you need to be under 15 percent body fat to do any recommended procedures in your article…. If Im wrong, let's see one of your bigger surfers demonstrating…. thanks for the tips.

  3. ramesh .tamang говорит


  4. btownsmostwanted говорит

    thank you. i used this technique and after 3 days i am now best surfer at pipeline

  5. Ray Karena говорит

    Does the English chick surf???

  6. Jeofry Palacios говорит

    Clear illustration

  7. Tor Marquis говорит

    great video … .long overdue

  8. Will Murray говорит

    When you get past 40 it's helps to carry a stick to push off the deck to get u up faster

  9. Valentino Luggen говорит

    thanks that was really helpful explanation!

  10. Joseph Sharp говорит

    Probably worth mentioning looking where you want go as a real basic pre-cursor to all of these tips too. I found myself looking down rather than down the line too often. When I was told about that and corrected it, my take offs improved really quickly.

  11. Simon Hilgevoord говорит

    Hey maybe you like this! >>> http://bit.ly/2IBr1W4SURFCOACH

  12. mrchrisization говорит

    "Grabbing a rail also helps". You mean I'm not Kelly Slater?

  13. Bon Summers говорит

    catch a wave in the bottom half of the face

  14. Danii Niila говорит

    Well done! Gonna practice that tomorrow!

  15. Louis Anthony говорит

    Awesome video, i just downsized from a long board to a short board and I noticed my pop up is terrible and slow. I pop off my right knee and sometimes use the chicken leg method but notice that the wave is often already done by the time I get down the face and try to turn. I'm going to put this into practice.

  16. james mccormack говорит

    The quick snap up makes it or if you're too slow breaks it …..As a kid surfing crowded HB you'd get clobbered being a shoulder hopping kook…..but while paddling back out and someone fell off that wave the turn and burn with a quik snap up in crucial part of the wave will get you more rides…….I cut my teeth there and it made a big difference in my surfing over the years…..I'm an Ol Waver now but still at it..

  17. JeanYves Daniel говорит

    Thank you for this video. It's exactly what I needed to see to move on!

  18. basshead6949 говорит

    Fantastic videos. Thanks so much from all of us. Simple, succinct advice.

  19. Miguel Afonso Mateus говорит

    Thank you so much

  20. Haikelele говорит

    Any tip how to go along the wave not just straight

  21. Ryan Denniston говорит

    just what I was looking for

  22. Chuck Hardwick говорит

    Very well done video, thanks will be sharing!

  23. Ben Chapman говорит

    how about getting up on steap and fast waves

  24. saintseiyaliveaction говорит

    many times I don't know if in a big tubing wave is better to go in the line or do a deep bottom turn.

  25. Clive Rodell говорит

    Well narrated and explained. Good visuals to illustrate the points. 

  26. domse_nik говорит

    what a wipe out at 3:15 xD awesome

  27. burbman60 говорит

    Really helpful, well narrated and good images. Thank you.  TG

  28. Patrick Jones говорит

    Hey any videos out there on how to get off a bigger wave?  How to kick out or how to straighten out?  Thanks for the help.

  29. sharon viquez говорит

    i love your videos….my girls started to competing this year and these videos are helping us a lot…thank you sooooooo much

  30. kineticsurf говорит

    Have any tips on how not to be a creaky, slow and stiff old geezer?

  31. elliotmarx говорит

    This was one of the most helpful videos I've seen on surfing. Thanks for making this video!

  32. Aimee Nolte Music говорит

    That was so so so helpful. Thanks!

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