The Undertaker's most supernatural moments — WWE Playlist


In a career spanning over three decades, The Demon of Death Valley has had more than his fair share of spine-chilling moments of supernatural phenomena in WWE.
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32 Комментарии
  1. DJ EL-G говорит

    The Undertaker, Kane, Mankind, and Paul Bearer was serious circle.

  2. Amelia Rosalina Blackblood The Hedgehog говорит

    That so cool and awesome

  3. a. J bhai a. J bhai говорит

    Broklesnar ka Dusra baap hi andatekar

  4. a. J bhai a. J bhai говорит

    Andatekar Aur bhukamp ak hi hi

  5. KAMUI xxx говорит

    My hero my childhood

  6. anshuman sahu говорит

    Without any doubt he is the greatest.

  7. Yoshiro Poh говорит

    "Dong…….." OMG!!!! You don't need anything else…

  8. Hey Jay говорит

    Undertaker and curt

  9. Christine S. говорит

    Good ol days he was and forever will be my favorite wrestler what a legend

  10. Chris Stamps говорит

    Y'all missed his return at SummerSlam 2010

  11. kasim hyder говорит

    Only 90s kids know him like hell

  12. George Taylor говорит

    Miss you Undertaker

  13. George Taylor говорит

    I Love the Undertaker mind games

  14. George Taylor говорит

    Undertaker will always own his Yard

  15. George Taylor говорит

    Undertaker bell is so amazing

  16. George Taylor говорит

    The Undertaker is a living legend

  17. George Taylor говорит

    Undertaker is my favorite wrestler of all time

  18. JoeyThe Echo говорит

    We can all agree undertaker is immortal right?

  19. jake sullivan говорит

    Undertaker The only dude i choose to believe is real

  20. Cynical 2DD говорит

    Brock Lesner looks like a thumb person

  21. Auron12786 говорит

    I’ll admit one good thing about Vince: he was great at commentary

  22. Chris Danger говорит

    Nobody notice dean Ambrose

  23. Heather Fults говорит

    His theme still gives me chills idc 😂

  24. P 1 говорит



    10:18 I wonder how they made it look like he just threw a lightning bolt through his palms? 😂

  26. it's me BryanGh0stboi говорит


  27. Jonny Largent говорит

    Props to Roman for not showing any fear to Undertaker. It takes all kinds of bravery and stupidity to not flinch at the Deadman.

  28. Medoune Coaching говорит


  29. Olaf Michelson говорит


  30. BroncosBailey ‘99 говорит

    There’s so much they could have added to this list. But then again it’s be like 6 hours long 😂

  31. King X говорит

    "AND JUST WHEN I THINK THINGS CAN'T POSSIBLY GET ANY WORSE! ……. *BONG* …….. And I find myself on the receiving end of the coldest stare I have ever seen in my life…" — John Cena, 2007

  32. Mikel G говорит

    6:17 Somebody call the cops!

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