Trotlines | Feeding Gar (2019) Ep#50


Last run on this current trotline and limb line setup. Waiting for the cooler weather. Tara feeding the gar.

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27 Комментарии
  1. EZOPERATOR говорит

    Do the ladies have public instagram

  2. richard allbritton говорит

    Beautiful women tell them to show there feet

  3. Gary Godwin говорит

    I love when you stick your tongue out. It's cute.

  4. the2060ish говорит

    Tara great job..

  5. Bill Mitchell говорит

    Hey Michael I see you have sassy girl with you today😃😃

  6. Joe S. говорит

    Ooh wee! Tara 🤠

  7. charles c говорит

    Dude, ya don't need any more luck, my God don't fuckin get greedy, and I aint' talkin 'bout the fish

  8. 260shooter1 говорит

    Pc who cares

  9. Ron Hart говорит

    I could use a gar skin if you could save one and dry it for primitive items. Love the channel, please message me!

  10. Eric Gruel говорит

    I really want to go fishing with Tara. She's fashionable, and loves fishing..

  11. randy scheurer говорит

    Man where r u fishing that gold fish are legal to fish w?

  12. Bill Schmidt говорит

    Don’t the girls ever have a wardrobe malfunction?

  13. Chris Ellis говорит

    Thanks Michael and Tara great video

  14. Big Fish говорит

    Babae ba o isda ang kinukunan dito?

  15. Jeff F говорит

    This bloke give me the creeps !
    The movie deliverance springs to mind.

  16. Wilson Clark говорит

    I need to no how to get in touch with you

  17. Gabriel rodriguez hernandez говорит

    Me imagino que en la cama debe tremenda

  18. Scottys Back Yard BBQ говорит

    where does he find these tattoo skanks

  19. Johnny Arnett говорит

    Tara is hot

  20. Tony Vaughn говорит

    Right man, y'all don't have to do this. I am glad that you do. Keep on fishin' !
    Tara — you are beautiful.

  21. Ricky Spanish говорит

    Where do these girls dance??

  22. bart james говорит

    Tara you rock. Keep having fun outdoors.

  23. paul platt говорит

    I WOULD EAT HER FEET!. Sorry, but just found your channel and thought it was cool. I love your fishing but had to say how sexy Your girlfriends/ wife feet are!

  24. Rick Conner говорит

    Where does this guy find these women at

  25. James Overstreet говорит

    Need someone to dress as Cat woman to catch some cat fish !

  26. Donald Malone говорит

    You know why we watch.

  27. Arnold Shepherd говорит

    I just love her more I watch her great video very entertaining

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